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Admission Overview

1. Issuance of Letter of Inpatient Admission

After consultation with your doctor, the doctor will make a decision depending on your condition if you need to be admitted for treatment. When your admission is confirmed, a Letter of Inpatient Admission will be issued.

2. Admission Process

Once the Letter of Inpatient Admission is issued, submit your Korean National Health Insurance Card (proof of Korean Health Insurance Coverage), ID card or another acceptable proof of identification to Admissions Counter at Administrative Affairs Office. Please fill out the Admission Registration Form. When the procedure is completed, you will be guided to your ward nurse station by our staff.

3. Entering the Ward

You will be guided to the ward after a simple check-up and consultation at the nurse station. When you arrive at the ward, our ward staff will orientate you to the ward and the facilities available.

Inpatient Admission to the General Ward

  • Reservation should be made in person, via phone, or by online request at least 3 working days prior to the desired day of admission.
  • Documents required for admission registration are as follows:
    1. Korean National Health Insurance Card
    2. Medical Certificate or Doctor’s Referral
    3. X-ray, CT, MRI, Medical files or Test Results
    4. Prescription in case you are on medication
  • Personal items to bring along:
    1. Medication when you are on medication
    2. Sneakers & sweat suits
    3. Slippers
    4. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, drinking cup) for personal hygiene
    5. More than 5 towels (for Hydrotherapy)
  • If you need around-the-clock assistance or if you have difficulty moving around on your own, a family member or a guardian must accompany you at all times during your stay in the hospital. Alternatively, a caregiver should be hired. Either a single room or a 4-bedded room is allocated for patients who are accompanied by a family member or a guardian or a caregiver
  • We run various whole-person approach care programs here at EAH to optimize the efficacy of the treatments.
  • Those who have contagious diseases, mental illnesses, or are alcoholics are not allowed for admission.

Inpatient Admission to the Geriatric Ward

  • Please refer to information on the inpatient admission to the General Ward and the following is additional information for inpatient admission to the Geriatric Ward.
  • Two guarantors for joint liability must be accompanied for the inpatient admission to the Geriatric Ward.
  • We run a communal caregiver system, a caregiver for every 7 patients, at the Geriatric Ward.
  • Patients are assigned to 7-bedded rooms at the Geriatric Ward. Should you request to upgrade to a higher class of accommodation, arrangements can be made depending on the availability of beds.

Interim Bill

  • During your stay in hospital, interim bills are issued every 15 days.
  • If interim bills are issued, pay the medical expenses within three days from the date of issuance
  • For more information, please contact the Administrative Affairs Office.
Contact: 031-590-7575

Discharge Overview

Administrative Affairs Office will inform you of your medical expenses via phone once discharge is finalized.

You can receive the bill at the Discharge Counter on the second floor and then complete payment should be made.

1. Discharge Decision

When discharge is determined by your attending physician, please reconfirm your discharge at your ward nurse station. In case you’d like to be discharged of your own free will, make a request to your attending physician or your ward nurse.

2. Discharge Process

Bills will be issued after completion of insurance review. Then you will be notified of it by Administrative Affairs Office via phone

3. Returning Home

Patients who are prescribed medication by their doctor can visit the pharmacy on the second floor to get their prescription filled before returning home.