EAH specializes in Integrative Cancer Treatment.

Medical Services Procedure -


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Medical Services Flowchart -
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Various chronic disease

Diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease(ischemic heart disease), various rheumatic diseases, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, allergic diseases(atopy, rhinitis and asthma), chronic lung diseases, cerebrovascular disease(stroke), obesity and digestive system diseases(digestive ulcer and etc.)


Various cancers

  • In case when the patient want to have convalescence under the doctor's observation when being discharged after receiving surgery/radiology/anti-cancer treatment

  • In case when it is impossible to provide any surgery/radiology/anti-cancer treatment for the patient's current status

  • In case when the hospital treatment is stopped because of the patient's refusal even though it is possible to provide the treatment

  • In case When it is difficult for the patient to stay in his/her house due to uncontrolled pain, lack of appetite and depression

  • In case when the patient want to receive complementary medicine and immunostimulatory therapy on top of hospital treatment

  • In case when the hospice care is needed


You can leave the hospitalization of cancer patients to us while feeling safe.

Hospitalization management similar to general hospitals

Doctor's treatment, various clinical and pathological tests, regular round of visits, 24 hour nursing in three shifts, medication(treatment of cancer plain including PCA) and physiotherapy

Effective lifestyle changing program

After prescribing diet and exercise suitable for the diagnosed name, follow-up is done.

In-depth education for patients

Frequent counseling, individual education and the health lecture for each disease every morning

Modern medical therapy

Various method to control pain including high-frequency hyperthermic therapy and PCA, Injection of GCSF for the increase of while blood cell

Recreational environment and facilities

In the wonderful nature blessed by heaven, you can enjoy walking, hiking, leports like table tennis and gate ball as it is also possible to use the gym.

Various useful programs

Comprehensive physical and mental relaxation through recreation, music concert, movie screening


* Our hospital accepts the selected complementary medical treatment and aims for the whole men treatments as conducting lifestyle medicine based on the modern medicine.