Your Choice for Happiness,
Eden Adventist Hospital.

you can check the path of Eden Adventist Hospital.


  • 07. Permission granted to change the number of beds to 199


  • 12. Obtained the 2nd hospital certification of as "Trustworthy Medical Institution" from Ministry of Health and Welfare


  • 06.  Permission granted to change the number of beds to 197

  • 06.  Installed the third Radiofrequency Oncothermia System


  • 12.  Inauguration of the 4th President of Eden Adventist Hospital, Dr. Nam Hyuk Kim


  • 04.  Completion of the four-story West Wing of EAH, with a total floor area of 1,151㎡

  • 01.  Authorized for a 4-year period as a “Trustworthy Medical Institution – Lifestyle-based Healthcare” by the Ministry of Health and Welfare


  • 05.  Installation of Medical Imaging Technology PACS (picture archiving and communication system)


  • 11.  Introduction of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system


  • 07.  Opening of the Department of Oriental Medicine

  • 01.  Renovation of the main building completed, permission granted to change the number of beds to 208


  • 06.  Introduction of two radiofrequency Oncothermia Systems (1st in June and 2nd in September)

  • 04.  Completion of the East Wing of EAH with a total floor area of 2,297㎡ (the equivalent to 150-bed hospital); a 5-level building including one basement level


  • 02.  Installation of medical X-ray equipment, and 100% Hospital Bed Utilization Rate with 200 inpatients achieved


  • 11.  Completion of staff accommodation for 18 households; total floor area of 1,294㎡


  • 07.  Opening of the hospital, comprised of 5 departments: Dermatology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Surgery. Equipped with 209 beds in 61 wards, with the total floor area of 10,890㎡ including one basement level and five upper levels


  • 06.  Purchase of land for the hospital site around San 44-1 Naebang-ri Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

At Eden Adventist Hospital we:

1. Demonstrate lifestyle medicine.
2. Apply natural remedies.
3. Practice modern medicine.
4. Implement whole-person care

에덴요양병원 미션

Mission Statement

Caring, Educating, Evangelizing with love


How to perform the mission
  • practicing whole-person approach to treatment and healing
  • applying natural remedies combined with modern medicine
  • offering psychosocial treatment through a variety of programs
  • providing encouragement, education through health seminars and testimonies
  • improving nutritional balance in the body, boosting immune system through healthy vegetarian diet
  • providing tranquil and beautiful natural environment that can be beneficial for the recovery
  • offering early morning prayer sessions for soothing the body and the soul
  • getting involved in mission work

 It is the information of HI(Hospital Identity) containing the identity of Eden Adventist Hospital.


'EAH', the abbreviation for Eden Adventist Hospital, was given shape to. The color green and the leaf symbolize a natural healing power, which implies that the cure is in nature given by God.

Hospital Slogan

Whole-person Care with Love, The Garden of Eden, The Garden of Hope.

Color System

Since the logotype applied to various visual media represents and delivers the image of Eden Adventist Hospital, it is important to use a distinct color image. Spot color print is to be the principle for the color expression of the logotype and the color samples included in the manual or Pantone Color shown below should be used as a standard. The effective use of colors requires careful attention. When they are reproduced with Process Colors, which is a combination of the four standard process inks, the standard specified below should be adhered to.

Eden Adventist Hospital is preparing to take a leap forward into the future

[Goal & Vision]
  • A world-leading hospital specialized in Lifestyle Medicine

Based on the best patient care, we help patients’ early return to society through improving their immune system, and preserving and strengthening their residual functions. We’d like to share the Light of Jesus, the Gospel, with patients and their families so that they may also believe in eternal life freely given by Jesus Christ and prepare themselves for eternity.


[Core value]
  • Patient-oriented Whole-person Care